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Smart Retail LAB Hackathon


Smart Retail LAB:

The Smart Retail LAB is a satellite event at InnovFest unBound. We see the LAB as an excellent way to surface some of the issues at play and complement this discussion with an opportunity for organisations to showcase some existing technologies to assist in-store experience, rapidly prototype new ideas and test them in the field.

Why You Should Join?

This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to network with senior executives in the retail and e-commerce space and to showcase your solution and capabilities in front of a high-level audience.

1.     InnovFest unBound will bring together the InnovFest community of Singapore business leaders and unBound’s international network of C-level executives, corporates and opinion formers.

2.     You could be one of four teams to get the chance to pitch to the audience at the Retail Innovation Forum, consisting of C-level executives, Chief Marketing Officers, Head of Customer Experiences from retail/store owners, consumer brands and mall owners/operators.

3.     One team will be handpicked to fast-track to the Unilever Emerge Start-up Battle finale (S$5,000 for the eventual winner), judged by: 

• Rahul Welde, Vice President – Media, Unilever;

• Dr Lily Chan, CEO, NUS Enterprise; and

• Yossi Vardi, Co-Chairman, InnovFest unBound

4.     This is a hack with a difference to encourage interactions and connections. It will be in an open-plan space, next to the high-traffic Gadget Area and Tech Runway. All teams will have accompanying stand showing your company logo, name, links and description of what you’re working on (and this stand has an NFC-enabled connection for downloading the information).

5.     All Smart Retail LAB participants will be given a FREE pass (worth $550) to InnovFest unBound, so you can – selectively! – attend other sessions.