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TT Consultants ( is a global patent search and analytics firm, with 4 offices in 3 countries, clients in 35 countries, experience of over 6000 client engagements and a global expertise. 

We have unmatched data coverage of Japanese, Chinese, German, French literature and have automated several parts of the Prior Art Search process through our platform XLPAT. 

At the Innovfest Unbound, we will be showcasing how TT Consultants is disrupting the Patent Search business through its automation processes. 

Visitors to the booth also get a chance to win several exciting prizes. 

We specialize in
• Patent Searches
• Patent Landscapes
• Automation in Patent Validity and Patentability Searches
• Automation in Patent Landscapes over a platform
• Infringement Searches,
• Patent Due Diligence,
• Subject matter expertise
• Expert Witness Assistance and research
• Patent translations, patent illustrations, technical writing

We are a preferred search provider for several Joint Defense Groups. XLPAT ( is an innovation of TT Consultants that automates first pass patent searching.