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Interactive & Digital Media Institute (IDMI)

Set up in 2007, the Interactive & Digital Media Institute (IDMI) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) is the first inter-disciplinary research institute in Interactive & Digital Media (IDM) in Singapore. Bringing together researchers in engineering, physical science and social sciences under one roof, IDMI aims to generate impactful research in Interactive and Digital Media, and to transfer the ground-breaking technology that it produces to industry, so that the knowledge may benefit the various facets of society, from entertainment, education and healthcare, to tourism, homeland security, as well as arts and culture.

IDMI represents the following international Research Centres:

Keio-NUS CUTE (Connective Ubiquitous Technology and Embodiments) Center, 
SeSaMe ( Sensored-Enhanced Social Media) Centre, COSMIC (Centre of Social Media Innovations for Communities), NExT (NUS-Tsinghua Extreme) Search Centre and CSIDM (China-Singapore Institute of Digital Media)

IDMI also comprises the following 3 research laboratories:

Ambient Intelligence Laboratory, Social Robotics Laboratory; and Arts and Creativity Laboratory.

Since its formation, IDMI has brought in substantial funding to support its research activities and built a strong foundation for inter-disciplinary research and capabilities in Interactive and Digital Media.  With its momentum, IDMI is in good position to grow in new strategic areas to further enhance IDMI’s relevance, value and stature.