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IPI assists enterprises in matching enabling technology and capability to meet their innovation needs. Established under Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, IPI focuses on industry needs and translates their innovation objectives into specific technology requirements and find solutions to enable enterprises to develop new processes, products and services. 

IPI connects enterprises to innovation through its team of technology specialists with diverse backgrounds, online and physical technology marketplaces and network of global technology partners. Our personalised support brings together the right people and organisations for collaboration and turns innovation objectives into commercial opportunity. 

Technology Sourcing 

In helping enterprises seize growth opportunities through adoption of technology, we search for available technology or expertise from international and global sources. We assess the readiness and fit for use of the technology in meeting the enterprises’ requirements. Once a technology match is identified, we facilitate the connection and discussion between enterprises and technology sources for successful collaboration. Where required, IPI links up the enterprises to available public financing schemes and test-bedding resources to reduce the barriers in adopting technology. 

Technology Marketplace 

IPI organises TECHINNOVATION the annual premier industry-to-technology matching event and marketplace that brings together international technology providers and enterprises to accelerate the commercialisation of emerging technologies, seed licensing opportunities and foster open innovation collaborations. It is the largest conference and exhibition in Singapore that focuses on the matching of enterprises’ needs to enabling and ready-to-market invention & technology from Infocomm, Electronics, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Personal Care, Energy & Environment to Materials & Chemicals. Through pre-event matching and one-to-one meetings, collaboration opportunities between technology providers, multi-national corporations, enterprises and public agencies are created. The 3rd TECHINNOVATION will be held on 23 – 24 September 2014 in Singapore.

Complementing the personalised services and TECHINNOVATION, IPI also manages the online technology marketplace at where seekers and providers post and find almost 1000 Technology Offers and Technology Needs. 

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