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05:30 PM-06:15 PM
The Stage
Engaging Your Audience With Games

Shaul Olmert

Founder & CEO, Playbuzz
  • Corporate website
  • Blog
  • Business Sector: Media, Entertainment & Leisure
  • Business Sub-Sector: Entertainment
  • Company Type: Private company
  • Job Function: C-Level/Owner
  • I’m Looking For:
  • Business Partners
  • Investors
  • Product Distributors/Licensers
  • Products to Market

Shaul Olmert is the Founder and CEO of Playbuzz. Native of Israel, Shaul spent most of his professional career in the United States where he held several executive positions in digital media ventures, with an emphasize on games and entertainment content products. Among his past tenures were Vice President of Digital Products at MTV Networks, President of SundaySky, Chief Marketing Officer at Conduit, Director of Business Development at I-play and an investment professional at STI Ventures. In addition, Shaul is also a Director and Advisor to many other digital media ventures. Shaul holds a Masters degree in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University.