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These feature in-depth presentations and discussions from renowned industry experts, as well as selected exhibits on specially curated topics. Pavilions are for smaller audience groups of up to 100 pax. Topics are: Modern Aging, Spintronics, Medical Devices, Energy and Environment. 


Businesses that care for and cater to an aging demographic are experiencing a boom in growth. This includes healthcare devices and services, technology, and traditional consumer sectors. Those that help elders to stay active and maintain their quality of life as they age will see the most growth.

In Asia, there are tremendous opportunities in the area of assisted living, long term care, and independent living. Globally, by 2020, the spending power of those 60 years and older will be $15 trillion USD. In order to fully harness the power of this sector, companies will need new approaches: new education models, new business models, and a fresh perspective. 

Join us and hear from international panelists on best practices and innovations from around the world that showcase how the private sector is addressing the demands of an aging population. 


Spintronics is an emerging technology that exploits the intrinsic spin of electrons and the associated magnetic moment, in addition to the electronic charges that are exclusively used in existing electronic devices. This area of research can potentially leads to more energy-efficient, large capacity and faster devices compared to current electronics technology. Spintronics technology is already widely used in read head technology for hard-disk drives and magnetic field sensors for industrial robotics. 

Join our experts to explore new spintronics application in next generation information storages and computations as well as ultrahigh sensitive magnetic sensors and bio-devices for future biomedical diagnostics. 


Digital healthcare is moving beyond consumer wellness and driving a new paradigm in healthcare provision. From remote monitoring, to point of care efficiency and assisted living, digital devices look set to revolutionise medtech.

Learn how leading companies are innovating medical technology finding solutions for developing markets, changing disease patterns, and meeting the demand to provide more and better healthcare for less. 


Globalisation has made the world more interconnected. The impact of our environment footprint in one part of the world will be keenly felt by the rest. Join us to find out technology needs in the near future and research initiatives that have taken place. Learn how Singapore-based enterprises can tap on available resources for new innovations and business activities. Hear from experienced people who have embarked on this route before. Maximize your time by visiting our exhibition area to encounter a sampling of the innovations we have created in reducing and managing our environmental footprint in this closely knit world. 

Whether you’re interested in finding solutions, investment or potential partners, the Environment Pavilion is a must-attend event!


Reliable, secure, clean and affordable energy is vital to global economic growth. Government and companies have a vested interest to employ energy solutions which are sustainable. 

The Centre for Energy Research & Technology (CERT), which is a research centre in the Faculty of Engineering of the National University of Singapore will be launched during this energy pavilion. CERT was established in September 2014 to integrate research on energy science and technology for a sustainable development. It positions itself as a solution provider for energy challenges of local and regional interest, and has the resources to undertake upstream and downstream research projects at the component and systems levels. The Centre has identified five core areas for future energy technology development in Singapore where we can generate the greatest impact in collaboration with the industry, national agencies and academic partners: 

•    Energy Efficiency      •    Renewable Energy Sources 
•    Energy Storage         •    Natural Gas
•    Smart Grid

Join us to understand the market trends, industry needs and latest technologies in the energy sector from a panel of local and International experts.


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