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International Start-up


Vivo su una collina, ma lavoro sul web e per il web. Ho fondato @MirandolaCom nel 2002 e @ipresslive nel 2010. Un sogno diventa realtà.
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  • Tel:+390524574708
  • Address:Cangelasio 201 Podere Mirandola , 43039 Salsomaggiore Terme
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iPress solves the problem of the Information Overload. Our platform was born in 2010 (but the real date of birth is October 2013 after the Silicon Valley incubation) to reduce spam news originating from communicators and aimed at journalists. It has now become an indispensable filter to track the sources that are relevant to one’s sector, to bring customized news to the most influential communities in one’s sectors of interest and to enter the radar of influencers while joining their conversations online and on social networks.
Users may also insert news, synchronize it with any website, make it viral through social networks, tag it by topic and thus intercept and automatically reach influencer communities that are interested in specific topics.
iPress is a startup that is changing the paradigm of communication with influencers. For each influencer "filtered" for each sector, you’ll get a dynamic profile that crosses data from Amazon on the books that he or she has written, from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+, in relation to conversations, from Youtube, in relation to videos, and from various press (paper, web, radio, tv) coverage systems and search engines, when it comes to articles and news.

Some of our customers: Amazon, Showroomprive, Decisyon, Italia Startup, Osservatori Digital Innovation Politecnico di Milano, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Netcomm - the Italian eCommerce Cnsortium and a lot of Italian startups, incubators and investors ...



A new way of managing news is born
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