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International Start-up


SAVORTEX LTD is a multi-award winning, British Clean Technology Company that designs and manufactures the world’s most eco-friendly and intelligent hand dryer range.

The Company has pioneered a new era of, patented, digital, smart dryers.

The EcoCurve™ reports real-time usage data to the Web. This actionable data allows building managers to monitor energy consumption, washroom footfall and developing trends to send alerts wirelessly for timely inspections of washrooms; improving resource efficiency. 

SAVORTEX serves some of the world’s leading brands that value sustainability, such as British Airways, Marriott Hotels, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and many more.

The company, which continues to grow, also receives funding from the Technology Strategy Board to bring innovative technology to market and has been selected as one of the UK’s top 16 high growth Cleantech companies backed by the UKTi. 

The unique nature of SAVORTEX’s design and engineering capabilities and patented technology, not only makes their product virtually impossible to replicate, but also creates opportunities for the intellectual property to be widely leveraged through a range of innovative products.