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International Start-up


  • Company Website
  • Tel:+447791411723
  • Address:Level39, One Canada Square , E145AB
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Indoorz is an innovative mobile technology that enables indoor positioning and wayfinding for visitors,customers and employees in large venues. Indoorz is multi platform (works on iOS and Android), has a quick set up process with low cost of installation and maintenance requirements and is ubiquitous, meaning most smartphone users can enjoy it today, for free.

Indoorz was founded in 2013, and was in stealth mode until May 2014. Currently it has a team of 14 strong individuals, with backgrounds ranging from Computer Science experience at MIT,Microsoft and Imperial College with client experience in Tesco, Scottish Power and Ford as well as Ex-Google, Level39 and payment technology companies.

Indoorz is a member of Level39, Europes Largest Tech accelerator as well as Cognicity, Canary Wharfs Smart City initiative.