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International Start-up


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  • Address:str. prov. Casamassima KM 3 , Valenzano (BA) - Italy
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During the last decade we noticed how the traditional GPS technology (based on satellite navigation system) revolutionized our way to travel, making old and unpractical the traditional paper maps. Several years have been spent looking for a new technology able to give the same GPS service inside buildings where satellite system isn’t able to arrive. 

NEXTOME thanks to its patented technology is able to avoid this. It is based on the low-energy Bluetooth technology and iBeacons standard infrastructure; plenty of company are evolving their structure installing these technologies. The innovative algorithm of NEXTOME uses advanced techniques of artificial intelligence to receive, categorize and analyze signals and identify the user’s position in the room. It allows to catch a standard precision around 0,50 mts without need to be connected to the net; the same app makes calculations on your phone.



Nextome Indoor Navigation System
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