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International Start-up


FABtotum is a young startup focused on designing and manufacturing CNC devices for the consumer market.
Our company started under the wings of the Politecnico di Milano technical university, being now a spin-off company.

Our first product, the FABtotum Personal Fabricator is a 4 axis hybrid CNC/3Dprinter and 3D scanner with a huge range of applications, both in Do-It-Yourself niches (makers, hobbyists) and in many professional sectors.
Pitching this idea, the funders of FABtotum were able to secure funds from both a successfully crowdfunding campaign (almost 600’000$ on Indiegogo in October 2013) and business angels, as well as winning the press and consumer's attention.

The FABtotum has been developed and designed to be a consumer product both from the user and the assembly line point of view.
The personal fabrication revolution is becoming a new 3d-printing sub-trend where professionals and enthusiasts can all benefit from tool like the FABtotum Personal Fabricator, where one can digitally acquire 3d models from the real world and create or modify new and existing objects with additive or subtractive technologies.

FABtotum is currently manufacturing and shipping after one year of development and will deliver over one thousand units before Q1 2015 in over 62 countries worldwide.