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International Start-up


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We are a group of professionals, each in own his relevant field, who joined together to do the thing we love the most - video games. Our vision is to create games which through rich and deep gameplay, uncompromising quality and unique style, will impact the individual player as well as to the industry as a whole.
We're not looking to lure players in with cheap rewards and Skinner box retention mechanism. We want players to play our games because the mechanics are great, the worlds are compelling and entertaining, and because they add real value to their lives. And so, we decided to focus on the emerging Mid-Core gaming segment, that is being facilitated by the exponential growth of the mobile segment as a gaming platform.

Scion is a mid-core title for tablets that we've been designing & developing for the past 2 years. It's an asynchronous tactical PvP game which invites players to jump in whenever they like, be it 5 minutes on the subway or a couple of hours during the weekend, and always enjoy a deep and rewarding gameplay experience with their friends and community members.



Round 6 (past project)
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