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International Start-up


We are focused in the Events and Meetings market, providing technical services and enabling interactions between speakers and participants.
To do this, we have developed a Cloud Based platform that allows the distribution of event's content to smartphones/ipads/PCs and enables interactions between speakers and participants. We use this platform to collect behavioural data and score potential leads.

Lead SCORING for marketers during events (online or on site) which is teh rpiority of 83% or marketers who organize events considering  that only 21% of them have a lead scoring system for events' follow-ups (Constant Contact Survey 2010).

Most of the platform for driving sales and leads during events are divided into two categories: either they are intended to live, on site events or
they are webinar/virtual events enabling platform. Primo ROund is the firs SAAS platform that provides a solution for both real, on site events and webinars. Besides Primo Round allows marketers to score leads during events by measuring interactions of participants with event's contents; the result is a scoring table that prioritize participant according to their interactions and hence provides insights about most interesting leads to be followed up after the event. As of today every competitor being on the market provides a list of potential leads (emails / participants personal data)
but there is no platform that has a lead scoring system.