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International Start-up


The most common problem of any swimmer worldwide is to be packed in a lane, going back and forth without knowing exactly how they are training and forgetting number of laps after few minutes.

Thanks to Xmetrics, we have solved this issue.

Xmetrics designs and manifactures wearable devices designed specifically for swimmers. For any kind of swimmers, from recreational to elite.

Devices extremely light, easy to use, ergonomic. Awasome.

Devices capable of recording automatically any single parameters from number of laps, times, number of strokes, quality of your flipturns, efficiency of your technique: the basic ones but also the most advanced. Moreover, you do not have to wait until the end of your training session since an audio feedback will tell you in real time what you are doing and how.

Xmetrics is already a reality, with two products ready to be launched in february 2015 and currently on Indiegogo for a presale.

No matter which kind of swimmer you are: there is always an Xmetrics to empower your performance.