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International Start-up


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Lionsharp is an international creative technology company. Currently building VOICEBOARD, a voice and gesture controlled application which helps you give unique presentations. Use your hands and voice to engage with interactive media, such as 3D models, maps, webpages, to wow your audience.

Voiceboard’s 3 unique features:

1. Combining Voice Recognition and Gesture Control 
2. Embedding interactive media directly into presentation (3D Models, maps, webpages) 
3. Quickly jump to relevant content using your voice, keeping your audience engaged, without leaving your stage

Our vision is to see human beings interacting naturally using voice and natural gestures with computers, eliminating the need of intermediary layers, achieving full freedom to express ourselves with the technology we use.

The team is now composed of Engineers, Developers, Designers and Operational staff, we also have 2 experienced US based Directors who sit on our Board.




Showcasing Voiceboard on the stage of WebIT 2014
Lionsharp Voiceboard September 2014 Showcase Video
Lionsharp's Wall Posts: