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International Start-up

Studio Parktik

Hi to all! I am the founder of Dreame, citizen of Tel Aviv and London and love tech, dreams, art and friends.
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Dreame is a web platform linking subconscious thoughts to conscious moments to create ideas and generate insights. We spend an average of 48% of our days dreaming and one third of our lives sleeping. Dreame's app-etizer is turning the global imagination into custom- made works of art and reproducing a select few on a range of products. Launching in 2015, Dreame's app will enable people to to discover more about themselves in their own personal timeline contextualized within the bigger and global picture. The dreamer will be able to visualize, analyze, set goals or learn further from this dream data. Dreame aims to make our dreams matter and transform them into art and science.



Dreams Turned Into Art
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